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Supreme Champion Stallion 

Seamus standing to Select mares in 2013

This versatile stallion has proven himself in several disciplines. From Western  and English riding; halter classes; obstacle/trail competition; and pleasure/trail riding.
Western Regional Gypsy Horse Show
Supreme Champion 2010 and 2011 
Salem, Oregon
Gypsy Horse - Gypsy Vanner - Gypsy Cob - Drum Horse
RT... Gypsy Horses & Drums
Regal and Traditional

          The Drum Horse is an exciting, relatively new breed.  It combines the best features of the Gypsy/Clydesdale and Gypsy/Shire breeds in any combination that is a minimum of 25% and no more than 75% Gypsy.  They combine the size and stature of the Clydesdale and Shire with the color and hair of the Gypsy, possessing the best traits of each breed.  The horse must be a minimum of 16 hands by the age of five in order to be registered as a Drum with the American Drum Horse Association.

        The Drum Horses are heavy horses that have carried the solid silver kettle drums and a rider in the Queen of England's Band of the Life Guards (thus the name Drum).  Since the horse would carry the drums and rider through a noisy procession is was imperative that the horse have a quiet disposition.  The fact the the Drum Horse can remain calm in large crowds while being controlled only by reins attached to the rider's feet is an indication of the Drum Horse's calm disposition.  Extremely laid back and easy to work with, Drums are known for their sweet, puppy dog personality.

        A Drum has heavy feathers, heavy bone and quiet temperament.  A Drum makes a talented mount which, with its agility and athleticism, can compete successfully in many ridden disciplines.  With their quiet nature they are suited for pleasure driving.

 Drum Horse...Gypsy Lady @ age 3 years