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Supreme Champion Stallion 

Seamus standing to Select mares in 2013

This versatile stallion has proven himself in several disciplines. From Western  and English riding; halter classes; obstacle/trail competition; and pleasure/trail riding.
Western Regional Gypsy Horse Show
Supreme Champion 2010 and 2011 
Salem, Oregon
Gypsy Horse - Gypsy Vanner - Gypsy Cob - Drum Horse
RT... Gypsy Horses & Drums
Regal and Traditional
Rock Ranch Seamus's 2011 results:
     Classes                            Place               No. of entrants
Gypsy Stallion 2-4 yrs. old                          1st                                      7            
Gypsy Champion Stallion                              1st                                      3            
Gypsy multi Color Class                               2nd                                     7    
Gypsy Champion of Champion                         1st
Gypsy North Amercan Bred Gypsy                   1st                                                    
Gypsy Under Saddle Western Pleasure              
W/T/Canter                                          4th                                       6               
Gypsy Western Dressage Suitability                4th                                      4            
Gypsy  In-Hand Obstcale                           1st                                       4   
Gypsy Under Saddle Obstacle                      1st                                       2             
Gypsy Under Saddle English
Pleasure Walk/Trot                                  5th                                       8                         
Gypsy Dressage Suitability                          4th                                       6            
Gypsy Under Saddle English Pleasure
Walk/Trot/Canter                                   5th                                       5            

Gypsy Under Saddle English Pleasure              5th                                       5            

Home of Seamus...Three Time Supreme Champion
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